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Amazing Underwater Fish Lights

For anyone who lives on the water, MAS Productions of Southwest Florida presents the AMAZING Underwater Fish Light. Rather than under the dock, these lights go directly in the water, creating a beautiful ambience as well as attracting fish and other aquatic life during the evening. Whether just for aesthetics, or for any fisherman, this light is AMAZING.

Because fish are attracted to the lighted area, the AMAZING Underwater Fish Light provides hours of visual entertainment. What sets MAS Productions of Southwest Florida Inc's AMAZING Underwater Fish Light apart from similar products is the fact that our lights are custom made and hand crafted for each client. This means that you receive lights which are built with skill, knowledge, and a desire for quality.

NCS Electric Inc. will install the light and perform any repairs or maintenance you might need down the road.

  • Comes in Sunlight or Green colored bulbs
  • Starting at $395.00 and up
  • Guaranteed to attract fish
  • Dusk to dawn automatic control/maintenance free system
  • 50' length of underwater cable
  • Underwater sealed housing with 175 watt HID bulb
  • 5 lb. for easy placement
  • 13,600 lumens
  • Cost just over $5/month to run for thousands of hours of enjoyment
  • Modular designed for ease in replacing individual parts

If you are still not sure, take a look at the light at work here!