Storm damage got you down and powerless? Don’t become a statistic. The number one rule with power lines is to not touch them. Let the professionals take care of these potential killers. If you hear someone spouting the myths below, set them straight with these tips from

Myth: Power lines are insulated. 90 percent of power lines are not insulated and even the ones that are could have lost insulation from a storm.

Myth: The line is sage because it’s not high voltage. Actually, voltage is not what kills you, amperage will. It takes 1 amp to cause fatal heart irregularities. The average house has between 100 and 200 amps running through it.

Myth: A fallen wire will shut off. No it won’t, because if it falls on a poor conductor, like asphalt, the wire will not short circuit.

Myth: A live wire will make sparks when it falls. Not always. The line will spark when it doesn’t make firm contact, with firm contact it will not.

Myth: Wood is not a conductor. False, wood is just a poor conductor, but wet wood is much better so be careful.

Myth: Rubbers gloves and rubbes shoes insulate. Only if they are 100% pure rubber. Your typical cleaning gloves and shoes are mixed with cheaper materials and they can be conductors.